Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process (Addison-Wesley Professional, 2012)

What is Scrum?   How do you improve alignment between your software products and customer requirements in a way that is  sustainable, responsive, cost effective and agile?  How do you take your process oriented project culture and implement agile methodologies?   How risky is this transition?<!–more–>

Agile practitioners claim that Scrum is less risky than plan-driven management.  Most executives unfamiliar with Scrum are sceptical but prepared to give it a try, provided they understand and buy into the underlying philosophy.

This book will help you educate your team and your manager about Scrum and agile processes, in a way that is easy to understand.   Corporate IT, product managers, software developers, and executives can benefit from Scrum; but also need to buy into the philosophy and recognise that a cultural shift might be required in the way they work.

Executives familiar with project management can start with Chapter 3 which explains the differences between plan driven development and agile.   Plan driven development makes more sense when the problem is well defined, predictable and unlikely to undergo significant change.  Agile is most suited when the definition is weak, unpredictable and there is continuous change.
Chapter 1. Introduction

Part I. Core Concepts
Chapter 2. Scrum Framework
Chapter 3. Agile Principles
Chapter 4. Sprints
Chapter 5. Requirements and User Stories
Chapter 6. Product Backlog
Chapter 7. Estimation and Velocity
Chapter 8. Technical Debt

Part II. Roles
Chapter 9. Product Owner
Chapter 10. ScrumMaster
Chapter 11. Development Team
Chapter 12. Scrum Team Structures
Chapter 13. Managers

Part III. Planning
Chapter 14. Scrum Planning Principles
Chapter 15. Multilevel Planning
Chapter 16. Portfolio Planning
Chapter 17. Envisioning (Product Planning)
Chapter 18. Release Planning (Longer-Term Planning)

Part IV. Sprinting
Chapter 19. Sprint Planning
Chapter 20. Sprint Execution
Chapter 21. Sprint Review
Chapter 22. Sprint Retrospective
Chapter 23. The Path Forward

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