About Me

Gavin is an expert in information technology and software products. He is a writer, speaker, mentor, business founder and business strategist.  He is dedicated to empowering others to develop their capabilities and leadership skills to become successful business analysts, product managers and change agents for business. 

Most technical specialists have already proven themselves in their area of expertise and they now want to take their career to the next level.  They are unsure how to  increase their visibility and impact in their business.

  • Perhaps they have been promoted to lead a team of people, but feel ill equipped to do this effectively.
  • Perhaps they have great ideas that they know will result in success, but they are unsure how to build a commercially viable product line from these ideas.
  • Perhaps they want to grow their company by taking their products and services to a new level and serve customers around the world.
  • Perhaps they see the massive potential in the technology now readily available to us through cloud services and the ubiquity of mobile devices but they don’t know how to formulate a strategy to leverage this technology for themselves.
  • Perhaps they just need the inspiration and encouragement to become an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur in their company.

I can definitely relate to all of these challenges!

I focus on helping high potential technical specialists in business develop the necessary skills and competencies towards becoming the best business leaders.  I can do this because my life’s journey has given me the experience and insights that matter to building your career in business and fulfilling your life’s dreams.

Why I do this

I strongly believe in the potential of human creativity.

Yet I see so many people in the corporate world discouraged and unable to adapt, being forever destined to be in a job that does not exercise their true potential as leaders.

We are living in an age where technology is transforming every aspect of society.  This creates new challenges in both your personal and business life.  With these challenges comes unprecedented opportunities that were not possible 10 years ago.  Technology Management as a field is becoming far more important than ever before.

After successfully building a software business serving enterprise customers around the world I left the corporate world to pursue my passions and live the next season of my life to the full,  while sharing my experience with those in business who seek to develop as leaders.

My goal through this website is:

  1. To encourage you to reinvent yourself and change your perspective on life and business
  2. To journal my experience and thoughts around the world of technology management and leadership
  3. To help you understand why you need to develop your technical and business skills to identify and exploit next generation opportunities
  4. To help guide and develop you to become a successful leader in your field


Why you should care

Whether you are a professional in business, a manager or hold a leadership position in society;  you need to understand the impact technology is making and how you will be impacted.  Change is happening right now and you need to start  preparing for the next shift.

My goal is to empower you with the skills to discern the important trends from the noise;  and give you the insights necessary for you to continue to successfully contribute in your work and in your social circles.

There are so many sources of information out on the web that it is very difficult to know where to focus.  That’s where I can help.

By subscribing to this blog you are encouraged to journey with me into this unknown and be better prepared for leadership in the information economy!

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My story

I am working on developing online programs that help you become successful through  technical expertise,  leadership and personal mastery of the changing world of business.  The first online programs will be in the area of software product management.  I am excited about this subject and it builds on my own experience and skills.  The programs are intended to help you take your career to a new level.


I am the founder of ApplyIT (now incorporated into a public IT company).   We built and implemented software products for mining and manufacturing companies around the world.

I am a Chemical Engineer with over 20 years experience in the technology sector.   During my corporate years I held several positions as process engineer, project manager, IT manager, CIO, Director of Strategy and Managing Director.  I also work with the team at OwnerTeamConsultation who focus on developing industrial projects in Africa.

My work in ApplyIT  expanded to include new product strategy and new business development and growth.  I am very proud of our team who introduced some specialised and innovative solutions to several of the most successful manufacturing companies,  successfully competing with the worlds largest and most established technology players.

Through this experience I became passionate about developing niche information products which stack up with the best in the world.

I resisted becoming trapped in a situation where in order to survive you sell your most precious time to an employer and have no energy left to build something that creates value again and again  even while you sleep.

In 2013 I stepped out of the corporate world to pursue my dreams of starting up a new business a second time, this time in a changed world altogether.

The cheese has moved

If you have read the excellent book Who moved my cheese” you will recognise the 4 characters – two mice and 2 humans.  I have experienced each personality type and each perspective.  Having spent most of my life in the corporate environment,  I can clearly see significant changes ahead in the new economy, the working world, the technology landscape and the future of manufacturing.  I have decided to step into the unknown and the opportunities the maze presents.  I am in search of the new Cheese and have started building TechnicalLeaders,  an online business that realises your human potential by developing you as a leader through training, coaching and professional development online.

My personal interests are varied:  I take an interest in music and photography.  I prefer to keep fit by being outdoors, cycling and hiking; spending time enjoying the beauty Africa has to offer!  I brew craft beer for a hobby in a quest to recreate the flavours of specialised craft beers from Europe and the USA.  I enjoy travel,   much of this has been off the back of business opportunities.

I have a wonderful family and we live in a very small village called Kloof, near Durban on the east coast of South Africa.